Luke Goss is a multidisciplinary artist born in London and lives in Los Angeles. Creator of music, film, books, photography and art, each expression is filled with messages to inspire the audience.

Goss is a multi-talented artist, best known as one half of the phenomenally popular British band Bros. For the past 20 years he has been pursuing his passion for cinema in Hollywood, having acted under acclaimed visionary director Guillermo del Toro in Blade II and Hellboy 2 as Prince Nuada.

He is a published writer of books (including the London Times bestseller for his searingly honest autobiography “I OweYou Nothing”). Most recently he spoke at the Bradford Literature Festival for his memoir “Desert Conversation” which also features his stunning landscape photography. 

A true renaissance man, Luke is not afraid to try his hand or lend his natural talents at various mediums of self-expression. His art combines philosophy, faith and love.

“Painting is one of the most important creative expression in my my life”

– Luke Goss


"Love and Faith"


Talitha inspired me by her name alone. She was inspired by being the first ever miracle of a child being resurrected by Jesus Christ, and it was her FAITH that healed her along with the love and believe of her parents. She has the wisdom to come away from the city to pray in solitude and humbled to pray daily as I am humbled and honored to pray, and that Faith gives her the shelter to feel safe and comforted. I feel a connection to Talitha and the simplicity she represents, and I am proud that she will represent my first serigraph.

"Native Spirit"

Native Spirit is a representation of all indigenous people, all tribes, all people from different parts of the world. I painted this man, this warrior in wisdom to portray he is wise enough to look up to the light to receive instincts and messages. He knows his demise is eminent, but he is at peace.


Mother was inspired ultimately by my mother but honors all mothers.  I chose the layering of the gold to represent the vast love I have and will always have for her though she has now transcended, as well as the love of every man for his mother, and ultimately the Holy Mother.

"The Light"

The Light was my inspiration for my painting as an artist, it was my very first painting . This painting represents my journey in life, and how I have become grounded. There are mulitiple layers og gold layed layer over layer and I ground real Frankincense and Myrr into the resin of the paint and attached the Lords Parayer to the canvas which is under the image.

"Second Chance"

The inspiration for this painting was Adam and Eve. It represents the reverse psychologies and philosophies of life, and the journey through, hurt, love, greed, war, all signified by the rock and roll sneakers that take you on your travels. Ending in “Love”, love for people, and love for yourself, headed toward your Second Chance.


I was looking out at the sky from my balcony and saw this beautiful wire running across the sky and from nowhere a dove flew and perched on the wire. It absolutely took my breath away. It represented my peaceful energy, and I knew I had to bring it to life in a new painting. I took it as a sign, of Peace “Please” peace.


It’s a depiction of Buddha in Cosmos. It the representation of the spiritual deities are solar they are not just statues and located in churches but are within us, they are in our world, in our universe. It was part of my journey to find my spiritual path and peace in my life.

"Lonely Girl-Swing"

This painting is for anyone who is experiencing the loneliness that comes with these times. This is a dreamscape, a moment in time, a moment in meditation a flash frame on canvas that says is there anyone out there that is going through that feeling of isolation and loneliness.

"Lonely Girl-Moon"

This is the second painting in the Lonely Girl series. This again is a dreamscape, this is an astral traveler looking from the moon to the Earth looking at the broken earth and the realization the Earth is not broken, we bring that to humanity. This is a dreamscape and the hope that one day the world will find the peace that it seeks.


I painted this painting without a border because the subject matter should be the entire painting, limitless and with constraint. This represents Wisdom, and the peaceful contemplation upon the sunset, The sunset is one of my personl weaknesses in life.


The finch symbolizes a free spirit and healthy living. In the background you see the garden of Eden, representing a sanctuary during these challenging times. The plants symbolize the natural healing of both natural physical healing a peaceful mental and emotional healing.

"The Meaning of"

“The Meaning of” is a representation of Love. In this piece painted an open heart(seed) that represents the maturity of love, the maturity of evolution. The things we acquire from the agonies of life, the joys of life. When we reach a certain time, when we are ripe in life and we’ve learnt and recovered from our scars and the lessons given only then do we really understand how important love is within the unconditional of love.


This shows the struggle in life, and the commitment has broken her free to from the confines of the canvas to an open canvas and shows her strength and shows how she overcomes the difficulties that lay before her.

"Love Revolution"

Love Revolution and its imagery speaks for itself. There is a tremendous amount of detail in each of the brush strokes. The power of this painting is in the concept. The gun is powerless against the peaceful flower and will bend when love bands together.


The reason it was painted in the desert was for personal reason, like loss of my mother and a separation, I found solitude in the desert. The image is seen sitting at a ledge in the desert in solitude and being comforted by nature and the serenity and speaking to their comfort.


The message behind this painting is to drive away from our fears at our own free will. If we relinquish the wheel and let faith take the wheel we can drive away with comfort and safety.

"Tears of Maryam "

This painting honors the loss a mother feels for her son. This shows the three tears that represent the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost. The painting represents the agony that a mother goes through, more loss than any mother should ever have to endure, as the cries over the body of her son.

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